Best Easy TikTok Dances for Kids and Families to Try

Families can get their groove on with these easy TikTok dances.
Families can get their groove on with these easy TikTok dances.
5/23/20 - By Amelia Eigerman

Like many people recently, we've discovered TikTok and gotten a little (OK, maybe a lot) obsessed. The social media app can be a bit of a hot mess, but the fun TikTok dance trends are actually a great way for kids to get moving and have fun indoors. And the best part is the whole family can get involved.

Some TikTok dances are purposefully challenging, but many are easy and can even be done by toddlers. Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly TikTok dance trends for you and your family to try, plus some instructions to get you started on TikTok if you're new to the app. Who knows, maybe you'll get TikTok famous!

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What is TikTok?

If you're new to TikTok, you may be intimidated by the app. It's actually super simple to use. The gist is this: Record a 15 to 60-second clip set to music (usually suggested by TikTok) and post it. This guide from Wired gives a good overview of how to watch and make TikToks, while this post from Common Sense Media has some helpful ideas for how parents can keep their kids safe.

Hint: We've picked out some of our favorite versions of these dances, but you can click on the name of the song at the bottom to see more dances using the same song. To create your version, you'll click on the record to "Use this sound."

For Macarena-Lovers

This cute dance, set to the classic track "Funky Town," is easy to learn and fun to do in groups or alone. If you know the Macarena, you already know the steps!  Once you've got the moves down, try mixing it up with fun outfits or silly faces.

For Bossy Ones

This dance is both sweet and funny. Put your kid in front of the camera and see if they'll finally do what you tell them to, or role reverse and show what it feels like to be your kid's puppet. 

For the Whole Fam-damily

This dance is easy on paper (there are only three steps!), but getting the timing down is a little tricky!  Our tip: You can film on 2x speed to slow the music down if things are moving a little too fast for you.  

For Family Bands

Though dance trends are TikTok's bread and butter, there are some cute singing trends, too.  This one involves some friendly competition, where each family member tries to outdo the last while singing one line of a song.  Lip-sync along to this family's track, or upload your own version!

For Stars in Training

This adorable dance to The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" is so cute and easy to learn, but actually makes for a great cardio moment! Try it solo or with the whole family. 

For Those Who Can't Resist a Challenge

Once again, the Macarena shows up in a new form. This challenge is set to MC Hammer's classic "U Can't Touch This" and is super fun to attempt.

For Mini Filmmakers

This topical, original song about quarantine is made for TikTok films! Take inspiration from the original or put your own spin on it and make a little quarantine movie set to this fun track.

For Flying Wizards

Don't be too intimidated by the editing; this trend is actually fairly easy to attempt. Take a video of your kids jumping in place and edit it down so it looks like they are floating around your home! The result is almost magical, and all that jumping is a great workout.

For Rainbow Lovers

If you're missing real clothes (or dressing your kids up), this TikTok might help scratch that itch. It's a sweet excuse to try on some cute outfits and requires no dancing or editing skills.

For Those Who Can't Wait to Grow Up

There are tons of ways to make this trend your own.  We like this example, but take a scroll through the sound to see how other people are showing off their loooong legs.

For Everyone Who Wishes They Had a Secret Handshake

If you were jealous of the secret handshake in The Parent Trap, now's the perfect time to learn it (or to make your kids learn it). This adorable trend is fun and nostalgic.

For Dancefloor Copycats

This dance allows everyone a little time to improv, with each person copying the previous person's move and then inventing their own and so on. It can be done with two people, taking turns back and forth, but we love this version that includes the whole family.