Unique Goody Bag and Party Favor Ideas for Kids' Birthday Parties

Skip the candy and the plastic that ends up in a landfill with these creative goody bag and party favor ideas. Photo courtesy of Hannah Rodrigo/Unsplash
Skip the candy and the plastic that ends up in a landfill with these creative goody bag and party favor ideas. Photo courtesy of Hannah Rodrigo/Unsplash
2/16/23 - By Danielle Halibey

A goody bag or party favor is the icing on the cake of a kids' birthday party. But they're also the bane of the party planning parent's existence. No parent wants to give or receive plastic garbage that heads straight to the landfill. The best goody bags contain unique party favors that please both parents and kids. These ideas below hit that sweet spot, and allow you to bring your kiddo's personality or party theme into play, as well. Sometimes, creating the goody bag at the party even becomes one of the party activities. (Score!)

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DIY silly slime is a great activity and goody bag addition. 
Sending kids home with some goopy DIY silly slime they made is always a hit! Photo by Ally Noel

Make and Take Goody Bags  

Plan an arts and crafts project for the party, and have the children take home their creations—party activity and party favor in one fell swoop!  Another option is to send kids home with a follow-up craft such as a recipe attached to a cute cookie cutter or rolling pin.

Book Goody Bags 

Books are great keepsakes and can be a terrific way to tie in the party’s theme, too. Another idea: ask your guests to bring a copy of their favorite book to the party and organize a swap in lieu of favors, or donate everything to a book drive.

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Rubiz cubes make great, inexpensive take home toys. 
Throwback to the toys of your own childhood. Photo courtesy of the Neoact store on Amazon

Flashback Goody Bags 

Everything old is new again! Redefine the goody bag "classics” by introducing them to the next generation of partygoers. 

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Kids will have fun making these kits to give friends to take home.

Edible Goody Bags 

The way to any kid’s heart is through their stomach. These delicious treats can be wrapped up in a favor bag and sent home with your guests. They're sweet enough to please kids, but manage to avoid Halloween or Easter levels of mainlining sugar that parents hate. Sugar cookies or caramel apples can be made at the party and taken home to enjoy later.

  • S’more kits  
  • Caramel apples 
  • Cotton candy 
  • Gourmet popcorn
  • Doughnuts 
  • Decorative sugar cookies 

Gift Card Goody Bags 

This is a great way to support local businesses. Consider doling out gift cards to a neighborhood toy store or restaurant as a way to say “thank you for coming to my party.”  It’s easy to match the party theme to a gift card favor. 

  • Ice cream gift card 
  • Movie ticket gift card 
  • Gaming gift card
  • Streaming apps gift card 
  • Toy store gift card

Environmentally Friendly Goody Bags

Traditional goody bags are filled with so much plastic and single-use stuff that just gets tossed in the trash. When it comes to goody bags, try to think green and have fun with some of these earth-friendly ideas. 

Homemade Goody Bags 

If you're crafty, make party favors by hand to add a personal touch to the celebration. 

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Summer goody bags that have a towel and sunglasses will get used for years!

These goody bags will get loads of use all summer long. Photo by Ally Noel

Seasonal Goody Bags 

When it comes to thinking outside the box for favors, it really helps to sync with the seasons. Winter, spring, summer, or fall—all of the seasons lend themselves to the perfect goody bag. If your buddy was born in the winter, consider putting together a winter survival pack, or a pail filled with flip flops and sunglasses for summer days. 

Donations for a Charitable Cause

Include a little thank-you note with a brief description of the charity you've donated to in the names of each partygoer, and attach it to a balloon or lollipop. There are lots of organizations to pick from that cater to kids. 

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DIY friendship bracelets make a thoughtful take home gift.

What better way to remember a party than with a personalized keepsake, made with love?

Personalized Goody Bags 

This is the perfect way to get the birthday boy or girl involved—even little ones can help by picking their favorite songs for a party-packed playlist to send their squad home with. Add a personalized touch to each favor by adding initials with stencils, stickers, or even iron-on patches. 

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