Cool Tech Gifts for Kids

A smartwatch is just one of the many cool tech gifts available for kids of all ages. Photo courtesy of Canva
A smartwatch is just one of the many cool tech gifts available for kids of all ages. Photo courtesy of Canva
12/7/23 - By Amelia Eigerman

Got a tech-savvy kid? Read on for our ultimate list of cool tech gifts for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

While finding tech gifts that match your child's level of cool can be a real challenge, it's not as hard as you think. These days, there are so many cool tech gifts on the market, from gaming accessories to awesome headphones to fun STEAM building kits.

Whether you’ve got a tiny tot who loves technology or a tween who knows way more about video games than you ever will, we’ve got you covered with cool tech gifts they’re sure to love.

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Cool Tech Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

When it comes to technology for little kids, we like to keep it educational and limit screen time when possible. We love these tech gifts for tots who are learning to entertain themselves independently.

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Kids can enjoy music, audiobooks, and more on the Yoto Mini. Photo courtesy of the Yoto Store on Amazon

1. Yoto Mini

This compact gadget that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker is a treasure trove for kids. Children use it to play Yoto cards filled with captivating content like songs and audiobooks. With 16GB of offline storage and headphone compatibility, it's a hit with kids and parents alike.

Obuby Walkie-Talkies allow kids to talk to siblings, friends, and neighbors without leaving the room. Photo courtesy of the Obuby Store on Amazon

2. Obuby Walkie-Talkies for Kids

"Come in, come in." These durable, brightly colored walkie-talkies are a fun way for kids to communicate with siblings or friends across the house (or the street). They're also great for imaginative play. (A game of detective, anyone?) Bonus: They come equipped with built-in flashlights, perfect for late-night adventures.

3. Plugo Count

This AR-powered STEM kit turns numbers into interactive gameplay on your iPad, making learning hands-on and enjoyable. Plugo Count truly transforms math lessons into exciting challenges for kids.

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Draw endless pictures—no paper necessary—with the the KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet. Photo courtesy of the KOKODI Store on Amazon

4. KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

We love this colorful, erasable writing tablet that fosters creativity and reduces paper waste. The KOKODI tablet is perfect for car rides, providing a way for kids to doodle and practice writing over and over again.

5. BEST LEARNING Learning Clock

This interactive clock doesn’t just teach time-telling; it engages kids with games and activities, making learning to read analog clocks a fun and rewarding experience. It also has a great sleep mode that lulls kids off to dreamland with calming tunes.

Cool Tech Gifts for Elementary School Kids

Growing kids mean growing interests. These cool tech gifts cater perfectly to the curious minds of elementary schoolers, merging learning, creativity, and entertainment.

An Apple Watch SE is a great choice for kids who are not quite ready for a smartphone. Photo courtesy of the Apple Store on Amazon

6. Apple Watch SE

Yes, we’re starting out big with an Apple Watch, but here’s the thing: If you’re going to get your kid a smartwatch or beginner phone so they can stay in touch throughout the day, the Apple Watch is one of the best and safest ways to do it. Plus, you can adjust the features and child locks so it truly grows with your child.

7. Echo Pop Kids

Tailored for kids, this Echo smart speaker is packed with parental controls and an engaging range of content, making it a safe and fun way for children to listen to music, play podcasts and games, and chat with Alexa.

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The Kindle Kids is one of the best cool tech gifts for little bookworms. Photo courtesy of Amazon

8. Kindle Kids

If you can’t keep up with your child's reading habits, we can’t oversell the value of the Kindle Kids. Specifically designed for young readers, the Kindle Kids offers a vast library of age-appropriate books, fostering a love of reading while incorporating parental controls for a worry-free experience.

9. iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones ensure a safe listening experience for smaller ears with volume-control features, offering comfort and quality sound for kids’ audio adventures. Kids will love the headphones' cool LED lights, and parents will love the long battery life.

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The Tamagotchi is the ultimate old-school virtual pet. Photo courtesy of the Tamagotchi Store on Amazon

10. Tamagotchi Original

While it's questionable that this virtual pet of the 90s teaches kids responsibility, Tamagotchi remains a delightful little toy. Kids can feed and bathe their pet, play games, and watch it grow to adulthood, all without the annoyance of in-app purchases and time-wasters that many of today's games have.

11. Pixicade Pets VIP

Combining technology and creativity, Pixicade allows kids to use colored markers and paper to design their own virtual pets. Then they bring the pets to life on their mobile device, using the app to play with and care for the pets, explore their world, and so much more. Pixicade truly fosters creativity and a love of game design.

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The Winning Fingers Flashing Cube challenges kids' brains. Photo courtesy of the Winning Fingers Store on Amazon

12. Winning Fingers Flashing Cube

This electronic memory and brain game challenges and entertains kids while enhancing their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. There are several ways to play it, such as memorizing and repeating flashing light sequences, pressing red lights while avoiding green ones, and more.

Cool Tech Gifts for Teens and Tweens

For the tech-savvy teens and tweens, here are some cutting-edge gifts they’ll absolutely adore.

Level up their gaming experience with the RiotPWR Mobile Cloud Gaming Controller. Photo courtesy of the RiotPWR Store on Amazon

13. Riot PWR Mobile Cloud Gaming Controller

If you’ve got a gamer at home, elevate their mobile gaming experience with this controller designed for seamless gameplay. It hooks right up to their phone so they can play games on the go. The controller comes with a subscription to Microsoft Game Pass, but it will also work with iOS apps and other mobile games. (Did you know Netflix has games now?)

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Kids can put on their own concert with the Kingci Mini Karaoke Machine. Photo courtesy of the Kingci Store on Amazon

14. Kingci Mini Karaoke Machine

This portable and Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine turns any gathering into a musical celebration, perfect for impromptu karaoke parties. The microphones also feature voice effects, and the speaker can be used as a regular Bluetooth speaker.

15. Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera

Combining instant gratification with retro charm, this camera allows teens to capture memorable moments instantly. Yes, you do have to buy refills for the printer, but they are relatively affordable when compared to other options on the market.

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The Paper Shoot camera lets kids take digital photos in style. Photo courtesy of the website

16. Paper Shoot Camera - Essentials Bundle

Paper Shoot is a digital camera for the modern age, combining the feel and experience of film photography with the convenience of digital photography. This customizable, eco-friendly camera is not just a tool for capturing moments; it’s an invitation for artistic expression, allowing budding photographers to personalize their gear.

17. Nintendo Switch Lite

If you’re looking to invest in a gaming console, the Switch is one of the best, but it's also pretty pricey. The handheld Switch Lite a great alternative because it's cheaper and more portable, but it also plays most of the regular Switch games. Many of the games offer multiplayer options, so the whole family can play together.

18. Rocketbook

For the dedicated student in your life, look no further than Rocketbook. This innovative reusable notebook is more than just paper; it syncs notes to the cloud, encouraging organized studying and reducing paper waste.

Kids can turn their bedroom into a theater with the ACROJOY Portable Mini Projector. Photo courtesy of the ACROJOY Store on Amazon

19. ACROJOY Portable Mini Projector

A portable projector is such a teen dream. Transform any space into a theater with this ACROJOY projector, perfect for sharing movies, presentations, or gaming experiences with friends.

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The Beats Solo3's are the ultimate wireless headphones for music lovers. Photo courtesy of The Beats Store on Amazon

20. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Stylish and high-quality, these wireless Bluetooth headphones provide an immersive audio experience for music lovers, adding both style and substance to their listening adventures. The built-in microphone and up to 40 hours of playing time are great bonuses.

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